Defense: A Guide To Trap Placement

No I'm not going to make a guide with trap information, as there's already some good ones out there. This one is about trap placement.

Now, most people put all their traps in the SDT. But that's quite bad. I'll show you why.

Here's a typical SDT with most/all traps in the SDT.


So you're thinking... what's so bad about this? Well, to start off...

1. You can use bolts/pokeys to clear the traps.

Yes, that means having the enemy have to hit 25 traps before the first silo DOES NOT make it a good SDT.

2. Now... picture the same SDT, but your blocks were INDESTRUCTIBLE. That way, you can have only one entrance (remember, just imagine, no way this is real. However, there are better SDTs that have only 2 entrances with working pathing).

Temp 2

Now, this new (imaginary) SDT might be great, but you wasted A LOT of traps. Why?

a. Zafreeti heals 1000 HP/ball, and fires about 4 balls/second. That's about 4k health/second, meaning if the attacker used something like ichis, no amount of traps in a row would be able to kill the ichis.

b. Let's say that had no zafreetis. After killing one silo, again, they can send in monsters one at a time to clear the traps.

Okay, so what should I do?

Now, there are many things you can do.

1. Note that most monsters (that don't trigger heavy traps) don't have much more than about 3000HP (and saying you have Fomor is irrelevant, as you can use Fomor to ignore the SDT completely). That means that 3-4 traps after/between each silo is enough to kill off looting monsters. Anything more than that means they can use one monster at a time to get rid of the traps.

Use 3-5 traps between each silo. Put 1 heavy trap between silos if you want (but seriously, who's going to use crabs to loot).

2. Make an ARGoH (Annoying Resource Gatherers of Horror). This is when you put traps between RGs, kind of like a Resource Gatherer Death Trap. Now why is this good? Because if you can place these ARGoHs so that looting monsters have to get past the RGs first, it works as an "extended SDT". All the monsters will group, and die to the traps.

Temp 3

More in-depth explanation + yard example

Put traps between RGs. Like adding traps to your NECoRG. This also prevents brains with invisibility killing your NECoRG with no damage whatsoever.

3. Put more traps between towers. If your base is anti-PPX, this will prove to be more annoying to your attackers than you think.

If you want something more interesting to read, here's a thread with some funny comments on the way that says similar things.

- By SansNickel

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