Decorations -- Why should I watch what I choose?

Choosing your decorations wisely is important because decorations can tell an attacker many things about you, such as your time zone, your level of shiny usage, and your level of game understanding.

  • For example, a Canadian flag tells an attacker that you're a Canadian shiny user. This gives the attacker a competitive edge.
  • A high level Victory Totem Pole can tell an attacker that your base is, or was very attack resistant.

How can I use decorations to my advantage?

Based on the above examples, improper decoration choice can benifit attackers. You can reverse the examples and use decorations to confuse attackers.

  • For example, putting multiple different flags tells an attacker that you are a MAJOR shiny user, but confuses them about your time zone.
  • Putting a flag that is not your current time zone can throw off the attack timing of an opponent.
  • Any Victory Totem at all tells an attacker that you've been playing for a long time.

Attacking people with Decorations

Reading the above points would probably help you to formulate logic as to how people are using decorations. However, what looks like an error in decoration choice may actually be a trap to throw off your attack timing.

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