Attack of the Pokies is a minigame only seen when Backyard Monsters is down for maintenance.


You need to guide the worker to the mushroom, avoiding Pokies! For every 20 mushrooms you gather, a golden mushroom power-up will appear. When you eat that golden mushroom, you will turn huge and you will be able to kill pokies by smashing them with you body for a short amount of time.

One extra pokey will come every single round. If you left-click when the bar is red, you can slow down time for a short time. The game ends either if you touch a pokey, killing the worker, or get to the end (stage 200).

1 stage = getting 1 mushroom



The game closely resembles Attack of the Buggles(AotB), a game on the Casu
Pokey v. Buggle

A comparison of AotP to AotB in stage 10.

al Collective created by Critters, (AKA David Scott) the guy who is in charge of Backyard Monsters. This could mean that most of the code is from AotB, as they apear identical exept for the Buggle sprites being replaced by Pokies and Workers.

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