I've noticed recently that most guides on the wiki are incredibly outdated. I just want to help the BYM population that moved to World Map V3.

Differences from MR2

  • You can heal injured monsters using goo.
    • You don't lose your monsters when you fling them into battle.
  • Wild Monster Yards have been completely remade.
    • Kozu's yard isn't exessively big anymore. (it still makes a great farm, though)
    • Abunakki's yard isn't overly loaded with traps, and the juicer's gone too.
    • Legionaire lvl 40+ was buffed, lvl 35- was nerfed.
    • Dreadnaught has a more "normal" base in terms of defense. It doesn't have 6 teslas, 6 lasers anymore.
  • You are allowed to attack yards out of your "range" at the cost of resources. (or shiny, but who would do that?)
  • The map is mostly empty space now.
  • Defender outposts can interfere with your plans.
  • The Flinger has limited total fling capacity. (as opposed to capacity per fling)

Changes in Strategy

  • Expensive monsters are now good in numbers.
  • Zafreeti is now a great addition to any army.
  • Monster Bombs are now more expensive.
  • Fomor is less expensive as an attacker.
  • Teratorns can now be used in swarms. (I advise you take down the ADT's first)
  • Inferno attacking has gotten a lot more expensive.

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