Bandito Animation


Bandito are the opposite of Fang. They have high health, while Fang have high attack. At low levels they are used to attack bases, especially on a looting wave, where there is a Cannon Tower or 2 still standing. True to their description of "Monster Assassins", they can easily kill other monsters. Use them to clear bunkers, especially Pokey-filled ones. Banditos are also good when paired up with Ichi and a Fomor.

When you begin to reach the higher levels, Bandito will start to drop off as usable and will be replaced more by the likes of Crabatron and Project X . Even then, however, it is still useful to make a few Bandito to attack, as they are relatively Goo -efficitent.


Bandito with the Whirlwind ability make great Bunker Monsters. They can kill a group of Ichi with the support of some Zafreeti. If that's not enough testimony to Bandito's full power, two Level 1 Monster Bunkers full of Bandito with a Level 1 Whirlwind can kill a group of over 100 Brains without a single Bandito dying. The only monsters Bandito may have trouble with are Eye-ra, Balthazar, D.A.V.E., and King Wormzer.

  • Eye-ra can kill all the Bandito in your Monster Bunker.
  • Balthazar are very strong fighters, making them rather difficult to deal with.
  • D.A.V.E. are very tanky, requiring many Bandito to kill just one.
  • King wormzer's splash can get a little out of hand...

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