Brain Animation


At a lower level, the brain is a very good looting monster. Same with the bolt, it is good agaisnt bases where townhalls are towards the edge and are not protected.But Brain has a stronger life than Bolt. Distracting the towers with crabs/ichis and using brains to loot is a common method. Brains are looting monsters, especially because he loots 4x the amount of resources. The 4x loot bonus does not affect the takedown bonus, meaning that a pokey will steal 100,000 from a harvester and 200,000 as a knockdown bonus, total is 300,000, while Brains will loot (4x) 400,000 from the Harvester, and get 200,000 s the knockdown bonus, giving a total of 600,000. In this instance, the brain actualy got 2x (those numbers are not real, they are made up for this example. )

Another note about the Brain is that he is a strict looting monster, not a damaging monster. He steals all of the loot out of the Harvester. If he steals all of the resources out of a Harvester to the point ( because of 4x resources) then he takes the knockdown bonus into its main attack. As soon as it cannot get any more loot than the Harvester holds, he leaves it and moves onto the next, not necessarily destroying it . Brain will only destroy it after destroying every other building.


Brains are not the best defenders, but they can be slightly useful when used in the right circumstances. When Invisibility is active, Brain will always get the first hit on an enemy monster. This means that if the monster has less HP that Brain's attack, the monster will die before damaging Brain.*

In all other situations, however, Brain is usually out-done by other monsters. Brain can serve many roles in the Monster Bunker, but there are other Monsters that can do them better. For example:

  • Tank? (Takes damage so that other monsters or towers can attack the enemy.)Octo-ooze, Ichi, Grokus, King Wormzer , D.A.V.E and Crabatron does that way better.
  • Damage dealer? (Focuses on anhiliating the enemy.) Bandito, Eye-ra, Balthazar, Valgos, and D.A.V.E. outclass Brain.
  • Supporting damage dealer? (Helps kill enemy monsters, but can't take too much damage.) Fink, Fang, Wormzer, Project X, and even Pokey can do that instead.
  • Invisible Brains take some time to be noticed by attacking Monsters .

To sum it up, Brain is viable for every purpose, but is average at the purpose it is chosen to do. It is up to you to decide whether that it is a reliable monster or not.

  • More proof needed for this statement to be true.

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