In-game Description

Your victory will be sweet as you slap empty Candy Jars onto your enemy's defensive, towers, rendering them useless until they can shoot their way out of the glass.


The "Candy Jars" is a Chaos weapon that can be unlocked with the Chaos Lab and can be produced through the
Chaos Candy Jar

Candy Jars

Chaos Factory. When used during an attack, a circle will appear, representing the range of the Candy Jars. When activated, all towers that were in range of the circle will have a candy jar placed on them. Though they are not destroyed, the towers are unable to damage any of the attacker's monsters. The towers must shoot the glass until it breaks before being able to do any damage to the attacker's monsters.

It is important to note that towers with a candy jar on top of them will not be targeted by monsters.

Upgrading Candy Jars will increase its range and durability.

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