The Catapult is a great building that will help you decimate your opponent's buildings early on in the game. Later, the Catapult becomes used more often for Putty Rage. This is because in the early stages of the game, people do not focus on fortifying their defenses.

The Fortification update was what really weakened the Catapult. Buildings with fortification take less damage from all sources. They can be protected against a whopping 50% of damage.

The Catapult has three options: Twig Missile, Pebble Bomb, and Putty Rage.

  • Use Twig Missile when you want to aim at a few select Defensive Buildings without destroying other important targets, such as Storage Silos. This is because if you destroy the Storage Silo you will not get as much loot as possible.
  • Use Pebble Bomb if you want to destroy a wide area. This is best used if you can aim at a lot of Defensive Buildings.
  • Use Putty Rage if your monsters need a little boost in attacking.

It is not tested yet, but Twig Missile may be more effective on Cannon Towers than Sniper Towers, and vice versa for the Pebble Bomb.

The 5M Twig Missile can destroy a few important targets. The 10M Pebble Bomb destroys just about anything in its area. The 10M Putty Rage makes you monsters almost invincible!

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