Champion Cage Deployed

The Champion Cage

The Champion Cage is perhaps the most important defensive building you can have in your yard. What the Champion Cage gives you is:

- Epic map coverage wih your champion

- A powerful champion (Gorgo, Drull, Fomor, or Korath) to storm yards for you or rally your defenders (also includes Krallen)

- A building that scares off your enemies

So, everyone needs a Champion Cage. you can get it when you upgrade your Town Hall to level 4, and then you can place it!

The thing is, PLACING it is simple. you could place it anywhere. The thing is placing it RIGHT. And this guide shows you where and where not to place this powerful building.

Placing the Cage

Do you place your Town Hall in the centre of your yard design? Yes? Good! What about your Champion Cage? The side? No!

Your Champion Cage does not give you limitless coverage of your Yard.

ScreenHunter 01 Jan. 09 15.51

See the Champion Cage at the top of the Yard?

An example of bad Champion Cage positioning is here:

That Cage will only cover about 50% to 60% of the whole yard. I could attack from the bottom and not get hit by the Champion. At least the guy was smart enough to ensure that the Champion Cage was placed near enough to the silos to defend them.

To ensure full yard coverage, place your Cage at the centre, near the Town Hall. After all, all good yards take care to let their Champ defend all sides of the Yard.

Each of the yards you will see below ensure that the Champion is able to attack any enemy, coming from any direction. As you know, the champion is one of the most powerful monsters in the game.


A defending Gorgo can stall enemies perhaps up to half a minute or maybe a little less.

A defending Drull can pulverise high-health monsters that do not receive Zafreeti or Vorg healing.

A defending Fomor can make your D.A.V.E.s attack 75% faster, and is almost impossible to hit without other ranged or air units

A defending Korath kills any other Champion with ease.

And also, placing the Champion Cage in a bad location allows your Champion to be "baited", that is, to be lured out of the Yard and ambushed. Placing the Champion as close to the centre as possible not only prevents enemies from easily attacking in any direction, but also allows the Champion to be supported by towers and other defenses when it is fighting. Especially for a Drull, who has a maximum speed of 4, protection from baiters is indispensible, as the Champion can be said to be the backbone of all the defenses in our Yard.

Some yards with better Champion Cage placement, courtesy of the wiki:
Screen shot 2012-08-24 at PM 11.04.03

Champion Cage close to Town Hall

BYM Yard Picture

Champion Cage close to centre of Yard

Old Bladespire

Champion Cage as close as possible to the Town Hall and is at centre of Yard

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