As with any other game, there are certain abbreviations used in Backyard Monsters. Here are many of them.

Basic In-game Terms

  • BYM - Backyard Monsters
  • ST - Sniper Tower*
  • CT - Cannon Tower*
  • LT - Laser Tower*
  • TT - Tesla Tower*
  • ADT - Aerial Defense Tower
  • RGT - Rail Gun Tower* (Not to be confused with RG, which is Resource Gatherer.)
  • WMT - Wild Monster Tribe
  • WM - Wild Monster/World Map
  • WMB - Wild Monster Baiter
  • UM - Universal Map (This is the Map Room 2.)
  • OP - Outpost/Overpowered. (Outposts are smaller bases that you can build when you take over a Wild Monster Tribe's yard when it is 90% destroyed. Only in Map Room 2./Overpowered means that many players feel that a certain part of the game is too powerful, such as a monster having way too much attacking potential, and takes only one second to make. Just an example.)
  • UP - Underpowered. (The opposite of Overpowered.)
  • PPX - Puttied Project X (Project X with 10 Million/5 Million/100 Thousand/10 Thousand Putty Rage) 
  • TH - Town Hall
  • Traps - Booby Traps
  • Heavys/Heavies - Heavy Traps
  • RG - Resrouce Gatherer (Not to be confused with RGT, which is Rail Gun Tower.)
  • CF - Concentration of Firepower/Concentrated Firepower (This is a measure of how much your towers cover your yard. In the Yard Planner's tower range option, if you see a thick amount of red, you have high CF, and vice versa.)
  • DP - Damage Protection
  • Cata-prone - Able to be catapulted.
  • MH - Monster Housing
  • CC - Champion Cage
  • HOD - Hatchery OverDrive

Common Base Designs and Techniques

Base Designs

  • Horseshoe - Arranging the blocks so that the attacker can only enter the base at one side. Usually not a very good design.
  • Sandwich - A base with two thick walls surrounding two sides of the Storage silos and Town Hall. This base depends on its walls to be effective.
  • NEPOH - Never Ending Path of Horror (Now an obsolete base, this was made so that a monster would forever path around the base.)
  • BDB (Big Dumb Bunch) - All towers squeezed together. Super high CF, but very weak against catapult.
  • BBDB (Big Better Dumb Bumch) - Same as BDB, but somewhat harder to catapult.
  • Donut - A ring of towers that surround the Tower Hall. High CF, but usually does not have a Silo Death Trap.
  • EOS (Eye of Sauron) - A bigger ring of towers around the Town Hall.
  • The Queue - Two line of towers parallel to each other.
  • Checkerboard - A layout with towers and Resource Gatherers arrange to look like a checkerboard in the Yard Planner view.
  • Quadrant - Towers arranged so that there are 4 groups of towers in each corner of the base. Somewhat high CF, but weak against the catapult.
  • Spread - Towers arranged so that the catapult cannot hit many towers at one time.

Base Design Techniques

  • SDT - Silo Death Trap (The technique of placing Booby Traps and Heavy Traps around your Storage Silos and Town Hall.)
  • ODT - Outpost Death Trap (Same as Silo Death Trap, but for the Outposts. Typically, they are much simpler.)
  • NECORG - Never Ending Chain of Resource Gatherers. (This is a ring of Resource Gatherers around your base.)
  • Pathing - The use of blocks or other materials to manipulate the direction in which enemy monsters travel.
  • Microchipping - The use of blocks to force monsters to travel around the blocks to get to another building.
  • Eye-ra Bait - Spare blocks used to lure Eye-ra into destroying them.


Please add to this list.

Pictures requested for some of the base design technuqes.

  • Note: These may also be called by just the tower name. For example: Sniper Tower - Sniper

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