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In-game Description

Provides your Monsters with a place to heal and hang out in between battles.

Building Information


The Compound is a place where monsters hatched from Incubators will reside. Compared to the Monster Housing , it serves almost exactly the same purpose. There are a few key differences, however.

  1. The player can only build one Compound, in contrast to being able to build four Monster Housings.
  2. Since only one Compound can be built, it gives a lot more Housing Space than one Monster Housing.
  3. Unlike the Monster Housings, the Compound allows the Monsters currently living inside it to fight against invadig enemy monsters, much like a Monster Bunker. However, this building is not classified as a Defensive Building.

Upgrade Progression

Structure Level Resources Needed Upgrade Time Repair Time Resources Recycled Housing Capacity Under Hall Level HP
Bones Coal Bones Coal
1 2,160 2,160 5m 1,080 1,080 200 1 4,000
2 8,640 8,640 1h 15m 5,400 5,400 260 2 14,000
3 34,560 34,560 3h 22,680 22,680 520 3 25,000
4 138,240 138,240 8h 6m 40s 91,800 91,800 780 4 43,000
5 552,960 552,960 20h 368,280 368,280 1,140 5 75,000
6 2,211,840 2,211,840 1d 16h 9m 55s 1,474,200 1,474,200 1,820 6 130,000


  • It functions like a Defensive Building, but is not classified as one.
  • The Compound is the most ranged among all of the Defensive Buildings.

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