DrullkusOrange660 Did you move to the New World Map? Do you now have absolutely no idea what to do? This is the guide for you!

Differences from Map Room 2

  • You can heal your monsters using goo. (magma for inferno monsters)
    • They don't disapear after every battle.
    • They get half HP if thier housing is destroyed.
    • Bunkers share capacity with housings.
    • A monster juicer is now essensial if you want to change up your army.
    • Champion monsters' meals are halfed.
  • Monsters cost double the time and triple the goo to hatch.
  • There are diffrent types of Outpost: Resource, Stronghold, and Defender.
  • Most of your map is now empty space.
  • Wild Monster Tribes are player specific, meaning someone else cannot attack your Kozus.
    • You can no longer take over Outposts with the old Outpost map icon. Those are for Tribes.

This means more map-related strategy and less monster-related worries. This also means defending tactics in Map Room 2 may not be completely valid in World Map 3. Some tactics not mentioned are probably still valid.

New Defending Strategy

Yard-Related Defense

The monster healing idea definitely means that you have to protect your housings. This means that most MR2 yard won't work in WM3. Housing space will also have to be managed carefully.

Map-Related Defense

The new design of the map will definitely be a big change. One main thing to do on the map, and the first thing you should be doing every time you relocate, is to capture all six Defender Outposts arount your yard. They are all low level, so it shouldn't take too much time or effort.

Another thing for high-level players to do is to capture a Stronghold near thier yard. This will offer extra Tower/Monster Damage in all yards that you control, and extra monster damage in enemy yards. Stronghold buffs can also stack. Stronghold are very hard to capture, so have some fun in your attacks.

Other Defensive Factors to Consider

As of the Hell-Raisers Event, low level players can be seen with rewards from past events, such as Korath and the Black Diamond Spurtz Cannons. Normal Spurtz Cannons are now available to build in the Defensive tab in Buildings. (someone please confirm this, because I see my Diamond Spurtz Cannons instead of the normal ones)

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