Drull Animation

Brief Overview

Drull is a powerful attacking Champion. It has the highest damage among them, having a whopping 8000 damage at Level 6. Its speed can either be good or bad. Good because it can head to it's next target at a quick rate. Bad because it pretty much outruns your Zafreetis, which is not a bad thing.

Read this guide to see an in-depth information of the Champion Drull. 


Pros and Cons


  • Insane attack damage. You can't ignore Drull's attacks with that power.
  • Its speed allows it to traverse into Spread-Bases easily and quickly.
  • Deadly when Putty-Raged.


  • Somewhat fragile and lacking in health.
  • Outruns  Zafreetis very easily. This means that your Zafreetis cannot catch up, let alone heal Drull easily.

Using Drull

Drull is the best attacking monster because of its high attack. It can also be used as a minesweeper of bases since it's speed and attacks are sky-high.

However, it is very vulnerable against Eye-ra so use Pokey bait to kill the Eye ras.

Another weakness is the presence of Heavy Traps. It only takes about 7 Heavy Traps to send any unbuffed Drull fleeing.

Another type of weakness it has is a vulnerable to monster bombs, especially pokey bombs, most likely due to drull being a land-based monster.

To counter these problems, use tactics that will get rid of Eye-ras and Heavy Traps. Try baiting the bunkers first, and then send in some Crabartons to trip the Heavy Traps. Keep a lookout for moster bunkers containing tons of cheap mosters, 'cause that's whats gonna ruin an all well-planned attack. If have have one, bait the monster bunkers with Marilyn Monstroe.

If these techniques don't get rid of the threats, send in some Zafreeti with the Drull. The Zafreeti has enough HP to take hits, and Drull really needs all the healing it can get.(Again, 100k putty rage alone on the Zafreeti to help it catch Drull)

Drull and Zafreeti combos don't work well since Zafs can't catch up to it so use Zaf + Drull combo when you need it. a Way to solve this is to use 100k putty rage on the Zafreeti alone. Allowing it to catch drull and also take hits better.

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