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What does Eye-ra bait mean?

Eye-ra Bait is simply a way to counter Eye-ra (as the name implies). It may be used either for defending or for attacking. It may either be a part of Yard Design (defending) or Bunker Bait (attacking).

As a part of Yard Design 

Eye-ra Bait is a type of Yard Design technique, specifically made to counter Eye-ra. It is made by placing spare Blocks around the edges of the yard, spaced out at least 2.5 Blocks away from each other.
Eye-ra bait

Blocks used as Eye-ra Bait.

How it Works

The way Eye-ra Bait works is by making Eye-ra blow up on the spare Blocks instead of the main walls of the base. Most bases rely on their main walls to be effective. By making the Eye-ra explode on the spare Blocks, the main walls can be retained.

Pros and Cons


  • Will protect your base against Eye-ra.
  • Has a use for spare Blocks.


  • Eye-ra bait is usually underprotected.
  • Can be vulnerable to Valgos.

As Bunker Bait

The term "Eye-ra Bait" is also applicable for weak Monsters that act as bait for the bunker Eye-ra to hit them. This method is also useful to check what kind of Monster is in the Monster Bunker

Monsters as simple as Octo-ooze can be used as Eye-ra Bait.

How to use it

Use it by hatching some weak Monsters, like Pokey or Octo-ooze (though I would prefer to use Octo-ooze to last longer against tower damage). Then fling them to the nearest Bunker you could fling them into the base. Once your weak Monsters reach the Bunker range, the Eye-ras will attack them, causing both the Bait and Eye-ras to die.
Be careful, however. As the Bait would not survive if there is a Sniper Tower protecting the bunker, or if there are other, faster Monsters like Wormzer and its cousin, Valgos, and Balthazar.

Pros and Cons


  • Effective Eye-ra luring method.
  • Prevents the main Monsters you're planning to fling to be killed by Eye-ra.
  • Also used to check the contents of the Monster Bunker.


  • The bait may be killed by faster, non Eye-ra bunker monsters (see above for suspectible monsters).
  • The bait may also be killed by long range towers such as the Sniper Tower and Tesla Tower if they do not reach the Bunker range.

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