Fang Animation


Fangs are like the opposite of Banditos. Banditos have high health, and Fangs have high attack. Fangs are great for pairing up with PX for PPX. With venom, fangs are also good at baiting and killing a Drull or a Gorgo. Doing that is simple, just fling in 1 or 2 Pokies at a time, near the far edge of the base, far away from the border, but do it on the side of the Champion Cage. once the Champion starts to walk over to attack the pokies, fling in another small group to make the champion go out even farther. Once you have completed this, fling in 10 Fangs, the the venom will affect the champion, dealing damage for the rest of the attack. Keep flinging pokies around the yard to keep the champion moving around while intcoxicated. This works best with a Drull , but is much less effective on a Gorgo due to it's high health.


Fang is good in Monster Bunkers . They're cheap, and are very high damaging, forcing the attacker to use a putty rage or surrender half if not all of his army. They have been known to take down D.A.V.E and Crabatron, because it seems they keep coming. Fangs venom makes it do damage even when the fangs die, making fang a really good monster in the bunker however, Fang's venom is useless when fighting a rocket D.A.V.E.

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