What are favorite targets?

Favorite targets are the specific targets of specific Monsters. For example, Brain's favorite target are Town Halls, Storage Silos, and Harvesters. So normally, they would attack these buildings first. But once all of their favorite targets are destroyed, they will target anything left. 

There are Monsters that will target anything. Usually these Monsters would have pretty low health and high attacks (i.e, Pokey, Fink, Fang, Slimeattikus), but there are some that have balanced stats, like Bandito, D.A.V.E, Wormzer, and Teratorn. These Monsters will target anything near them, be it Resource Buildings, Defensive  Buildings, and Miscellaenous Buildings. They can be countered by Never-Ending-Chains of Miscellaenous Buildings.

The same goes for Monsters with specific targets, for example, you can stall attacking Looters like Bolt by using a Never-Ending-Chain of Harvesters. You may also use this for Tower Destroyers such as Crabatron by using a Never-Ending-Chain of towers, but this may lead to a farm yard, though.

Champions usually do not have any favorite target, they will target anything, but Fomor and Krallen have their favorite target. Fomor will follow what other Monsters are attacking. Krallen targets Resource Buildings only.

In relation with stats

Most Monsters with favorite targets have stats that is effective for that target. For example, Octo-ooze's favorite target are Defensive Buildings, it has high health to withstand the damage of the towers yet low damage to stall the towers. This would make it a Tank Monster, as it tanks the damage of towers in order to prevent the towers from attacking other Monsters.

There are, however, Monsters with a specific target that has entirely different stats than the others that share their favorite target. Lets take Grokus for example. While other Looters are fast and have decent health, Grokus is slow and has very high health. Another example is Project X. Tanks are usually slow, have massive health, and low damage. Project X is completely different. It has very high damage and relatively low health. Same goes for Sabnox.

Monsters with favorite targets:

Here is a list of all the Monsters and their favorite targets. There are a total of 6 targets.

1. Monsters that target anything

2. Monsters that target Defensive Buildings

3. Monsters that target Resource Buildings

4. Monsters that target Walls

5. Monsters that target Bunker Monsters

6. Monsters that support Allies


  • Balthazar is the only Monster that targets Bunker Monsters.
  • All Monsters that support Allies are flying Monsters.

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