• With Aerial Range
  • With Ground Range
This yard was remodel after the Brukharg's War. It was build with 6 expands.The bunkers are full with lv6 Eye-Ra with Lv3. Airbrust and Lv6. DAVEs with Lv3. Rocket. It survive all waves of Brukharg's War with only 10% of the TH is destroy! Copy and improve from Fear's Death Blossom. All the DT are max level and fortify. To build, you need a lv10 TH and 75 Traps and 18 H-Trap.


- Stick Missile and Pebble Bomb are useless due to Silo close to Defensive Tower and Fortification.

-Unbaitable Champion and Monsters

-Eye-Ra Bait


-NeC of some RG/DF/GB (General Building)

-Strategically place traps,blocks, and building

-Aerial Defense Range is set to almost all area.

-Also is Ground Defense Range

-Protected Housing

-Spread high level DT

-Anti-PPX and Anti-PW (Puttied Wormzer)

-Can survive 2 LV6+3 Korath with all abilities, 30 Lv6 DAVEs with Lv3 Rocket, 10 Lv6 Eye-Ra with Lv3 Airburst, 5 Lv5 Zafreeti, and 20 Lv6 Teratorn with Lv3 Ricochet.


-Must use 1,050 for expands and a lot of resources for upgrading everything to max

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