The Base

Double-Winged 7TH

This Spread Base has two very symmetrical "wings". Although it makes the base seem more predictable, both are equally powered and none of the two are left out. The two Silos of each "wing" are Big Dumb Bunched by other Defensive Towers, giving it a high CF, yet making it hard to catapult. 

It has some sort of pathing, but it is yet to be tested.

The base will be updated.

Yard Planner Design

Double-Winged YP

Pros and  Cons


  • Relatively high CF
  • The Big Dumb Bunch around the Silos give it massive CF, yet it is hard to catapult.
  • Champion Cage moved to center for maximum range
  • ADTs protected by other defenses that sorround it
  • Anti-Aerial Base
  • Sniper-Bunker Combo
  • Sniper-Laser Combo
  • It only takes 1 expand to build!


  • Baitable Champion
  • Makes use of only 4 Silos
  • Is better off with few Resource Gatherers

Other versions

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