• Hard to take out high-damage towers efficiently without destroying silos.
  • Bunkers containing Eye-ras are centered and hard to bait.
  • 4 Heavy traps near outermost silos pack damage into daves.
  • My yard normal

    Normal View

    Railguns are close together, so pack damage.
  • Every single building used except magma towers and quake towers (con?).
  • Outer bunkers are easier to bait, but contain Daves, therefore no point in baiting them.
  • Traps are not used singularly.
    Yard planner view

    Yard Planner

  • (Good pathing).
  • ADT's will waste resources to take out one by one.


  • Spurtz cannons are relatively vulnerable.
  • Town Hall vulnerable to aerial monsters.
  • Housing is vulnerable.
  • Harvesters vulnerable (if they were high level, otherwise it doesn't matter).
  • Cannon and sniper towers are not protected.
  • Yard planner view Ground range

    Ground Range

    Monsters will not be split into groups in an attack, because of compact design, making large numbers harder to handle.
  • Towers vulnerable during upgrades, reducing defense dramatically.
    Yard planner view Aerial range

    Aerial Range

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