The Ultimate Quadrant Base

Advantage: 1.Good wall placement 2.Good bomb placement 3.Good champion cage placement 4.Good defense tower placement 5.Has beat 20 waves of monster invasion 2 6.ADT,LT and Railgun can't be attacked with Pebble and Twig Disadvantage: 1.Monster Bunkers easily baited 2.Level 6 Drull, Level 6 DAVES 4, Level 5 Zafreeties 5 3.No Eye ras can easily destroy walls (outer defense destroyed) 4.When the LT,Railgun and ADT are destroyed

Ultimate Quadrant Base

Ultimate Quadrant Base Planner

Without Tower Range

Ultimate Quadrant Base Planner (with tower ranges)

With Tower Range


1.Good Wall placement

2.Good Champion Cage pleacement

3.Good Bomb placemet

4.Good ADT placement

5.LT,ADT and Railgun can't be destroyed

6.Survive 20 waves in monster invasion II (actually it's 28)

7.Monster Bunkers can't be easily baited if Level 6 DAVES inside


1.Level 6 Drull, Level 6 DAVES 4 and Level 5 Zafreeti 4

2.Eye-ra can easily destroy inner walls (after the outer defense is destroyed)

3.Monster Bunkers easily baited if Eye-ra are inside

4.Monsters easily destroy silos if LT's and Railguns are destroyed

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