BYM Yard Picture

My whole Xyon Base(Small Variant)

This is the Xyon Base(Small Variant). It is an ultra strong base, able to hold off extremely powerful attacks before collasping. The best attack on my Xyon Base was:

1 Level 6 Fomor


2 Zafreeti

10 million putty rage

5 million twigs

This is a lot to put a base through. Some parts of my base survived the attack.

BYM Yard Planner

The Yard Plan of my Xyon Base

Here is a list of the features to hold off enemies in my base:


  • THDT
  • SDT
  • Champion Cage in centre for unbaitable defence
  • Effective protection of Silos
  • Un-pebble-bombable due to Silo Loot.
  • Monster Bunkers placed strategically
  • ADT placed strategically
  • NeC and NeCORG placed in outer ring
BYM Yard Planner Tower Range

Xyon Base Tower Range

  • PPX ineffective due to outer ring of defense towers
  • Moderate spread of tower range to increase defense.
  • A lot of strategically placed booby traps.
  • Small variant(able to be placed in 2 yard expansion)


  • Small Variant also means very little space to shift stuff.

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