Monsters need education too! And now your inferno monsters can learn how to thicken their skins and raise more hell.

Building Information

The Infernal Academy trains your Inferno Monsters to be more effective in battle. Each Academy can only train one monster species at a time. However, you can always build two Infernal Academies! Once a monster has completed training, all monsters of that species will be upgraded, including the monsters in your Compound. Infernal Academy can't be recycled or upgraded while a monster is training. Every monster can be upgraded to level 5.

Upgrade Progression

Structure Level Resources Needed Building Time Repair Time Resources Recycled Under Hall Level HP Strongbox Level
Bone-icon Bone Coal-icon Coal Bone-icon Bone Coal-icon Coal
1 Bone-icon 100,000 Coal-icon 100,000 3h 50m Bone-icon 50,000 Coal-icon 50,000 3 6,000 2
2 Bone-icon 250,000 Coal-icon 250,000 6h Bone-icon 175,000 Coal-icon 175,000 4 10,000 3
3 Bone-icon 400,000 Coal-icon 400,000 12h Bone-icon 375,000 Coal-icon 375,000 5 14,000 4
4 Bone-icon 800,000 Coal-icon 800,000 1d Bone-icon 775,000 Coal-icon 775,000 6 20,000


  • ? The Infernal academy changes it's appearence when upgraded just like Monster Academy.
  • It's non - inferno counterpart is the Monster Academy.

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