NOTE: This guide only covers how to defeat Moloch, NOT how to expand your inferno base

Inferno's seven levels wouldn't be tough, but the quake tower is massivly OP and the sulfur destroys your monsters before they can do any damage. However, like most NPC bases, the Inferno buildings don't heal. This can be used to your advantage by repeatidly summoning Korath. Korath (the inferno champion) is immune to the sulfer's damage, along with being quite a powerful monster. All you need to do is summon a lvl 1 Korath. After each attack, juice him and create a new one. This will allow you to defeat Moloch. The only problem is that the monsters in the inferno houses regn their health. However, a lvl 1 Korath is powerful enough to deal with this. Thank you for reading!

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