King Wormzer Animation

Brief Overview

King Wormzer is just like its famous cousin, the Wormzer, but on steroids. King Wormzer's ridiculously powerful with its infamous Splash Damage, like its cousin has, but far more powerful. This ability has a whopping 4,800 damage at Level 1. It can easily destroy even a tightly packed swarm of level 6 Crabatrons just by popping out of its burrow. That's how dangerous it is.

That's how dangerous it was. Sadly, as of the Map Room 3 update, King Wormzer no longer has the godly Splash Damage, which is the main reason why this certain type of Wormzer is called King Wormzer. However, King Wormzer can still be used. It can still avoid pathing, which is a good thing.

King Wormzer is still the most poweful Monster in Inferno, even though it was nerfed by the MR3 update.


As of the MR3 update, King Wormzer became far less useful, due to the fact that it no longer has its almighty ability, which pretty much made it a reusable Eye-ra that targets buildings. However, King Wormzer still has mighty Health and Damage, having 13,100 health and 2200 damage at Level 6. It can definitely still be used.

Using King Wormzer

King Wormzer's burrowing ability, which allows it to surpass Blocks much like Wormzer (Hey, that's why it's called King Wormzer after all), is very useful for attacking Bases that rely too much on pathing. This is because it could simply ignore that with burrowing.

Although the Splash is gone, King Wormzer will last very long once paired up with Zafreetis, due to the fact that King Wormzers are much, much slower than your average Wormzer. This means that Zafreetis will be able to catch up with your King Wormzer, which is a good thing, of course.

You can still use 10 Million Putty with your King Wormzers. However, since the Splash is gone, it will not be as brutal as before. The King Wormzer Bomb is simply like more of a Valgos Bomb than a Wormzer Bomb, but far more durable.


Again, the loss of the Splash power is bad for King Wormzer, especially when it comes to defending, where it's incredibly good at. Although it can still be used, the main problem for King Wormzers is that they cost high housing space, and incredibly expensive Magma cost (Heck, KIXEYE even tripled it in Map Room 3!). Being nerfed, and being too costly has taken a toll for King Wormzer. 

King Wormzer is still good for defending. It is not like a stronger Wormzer anymore, but more of a stronger Valgos. King Wormzer can still be used with Eye-ras like the Wormzer+Eye-ra combo. It's still good.


King Wormzer is a very powerful Monster, it's like the Infernal D.A.V.E., high damage, high health. Even though it lost its ultra-killer ability, it's still a force to be reckoned with. King Wormzer will still be a deadly Monster when used right.

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