In-game Description

Using patented hyper-vacuum technology,the Loot-o-Tron 5000 latches on to enemy Town Halls and and sucks the resources right out of them.

Building Information

The Loot-O-Tron 5000 is a Chaos weapon that can be unlocked in the Chaos Lab and produced in the Chaos Factory. When used during an attack, it will lower itself down from the sky and hang above the enemy's Town
Chaos Loot-o-tron 5000

Loot-o-tron 5000

Hall. It will then proceed to suck out some resources in the Town Hall. During this time, it will be treated as an aerial threat and can only be attacked by those types of towers. If the Loot-O-Tron 5000 takes enough damage or reaches its time limit, it will stop sucking resources out of the Town Hall, and will retreat back into the sky. All the resources the Loot-O-Tron 5000 will be added to the attacker's resources.

Upgrading the Loot-O-Tron 5000 will increase its durability, time limit, and loot rate. It is suggested that one should catapult twigs or stones to destroy near-by towers so you may use the full potential of the Loot-O-Tron 5000.

level cost

loot rate  



1 28,648 25000 6000 30 seconds


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