In-game Description

"Marylin Monstroe uses her feminine wiles to attract defending monsters, including those housed in bunkers. Then she delivers a kiss of death in the form of a massive explosion."


Marylin Monstroe is a cat-statue like monster unlocked in the Chaos lab.
Chaos Marilryn Monstroe

Marylin Monstroe

She is used to lure bunker monsters and Champion(s) distract them until the time limit reaches to zero.

All buildings and monsters (except your monsters) will be damage by the a violent explosion.

When the time limit reaches to zero, Marylin Monstroe causes an explosion that is most likey to kill bunker monsters, depending on the monster's health and Monstroe's level, which can be upgrading in the chaos lab. It can also kill a level 6 D.A.V.E. Marylin Monstroe's max damage (if fully upgraded) is 23,500 and a level 6 D.A.V.E health is 21,000, if not under buff.


  • Marylin monstroe is the only chaos weapon that mainly attacks monsters.
  • This weapon can also be used to bait champions, but only if the cage is in range. Helpful for yards with a cage placed right at the side of the yard.
  • Under Marilyn Monstroe you can see a box of TNT.....

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