Through a demanding curriculum of Physics, philosophy and physical education, your monsters will earn their PhD in Advanced Destruction. Failing that, we have a large supply of steroids .

Building Information

The Monster Academy trains your monsters to be more effective in battle. Each Academy can only train one monster species at a time. However, you can always build more than one Monster Academy! A maximum of two Academies per player. Once a monster has completed training, all monsters of that species will be upgraded, including the monsters in your Housing. Monster Academy can't be recycled or upgraded while a monster is training. Every monster can be upgraded to level 6, except Zafreeti , which can only be trained to level 5.

Upgrade Progression

Structure Level Resources Needed Building Time Repair Time Resources Recycled Town Hall Level HP Monster Locker Level
Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles
1 Twigs-icon 100,000 Pebbles-icon 100,000 3h 50m Twigs-icon 50,000 Pebbles-icon 50,000 3 6,000 2
2 Twigs-icon 250,000 Pebbles-icon 250,000 6h Twigs-icon 175,000 Pebbles-icon 175,000 4 10,000


3 Twigs-icon 400,000 Pebbles-icon 400,000 12h 59m 15s Twigs-icon 375,000 Pebbles-icon 375,000 5 14,000
4 Twigs-icon 600,000 Pebbles-icon 600,000 1d 2h 47m Twigs-icon 675,000 Pebbles-icon 670,000 6 20,000 4
5 Twigs-icon 900,000 Pebbles-icon 900,000 Twigs-icon 1,125,000 Pebbles-icon 1,125,000 7 30,000

Building Progression

Structure Level Normal Active Damaged Destroyed

File:Monster Academy 2.gif

Monster Academy 1 Monster Academy Damaged 1 Monster Academy Destroyed
3 Monster Academy 3 ? Monster Academy 3 Damaged
4 Academy 4 ? Academy 4 Damaged

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