The Monster Juicer is a very good building, but you should only use it as part of a Never Ending Chain, becase the only way it can help defend your yard is to take damage.

If you like to attack, but tend to use differnt monsters each time, it is a good idea to upgrade this building early on. It will save you a lot of Goo if you use it frequently.

There is a clever way of using this building in conjunction with Level 1 Champions. Since Level 1 Champions do not cost ANYTHING to hatch, you can send it into battle, juice it after it has taken enough damage, and hatch another one with full health! You can keep attacking your enemy with this tactic, at least until your enemy goes under Damage Protection or the enemy yard is destroyed .

The best Champion to use with this strategy is arguably Drull, for its ability to destroy D.A.V.E. in mere moments. It can also take down buildings quickly. Fomor could be used to buff up your other monsters, but it is very fragile. Gorgo is super slow, and although Gorgo can take a lot of damage, it probably won't get into the fray fast enough for it to matter.

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