DrullkusOrange660Monster Musk Musk is used in the Wild Monster Baiter in order to attract Wild Monsters to a players base by spraying a scent that monsters are attracted to. It comes in a limited supply, but regenerates slowly over time, and speeds up after upgrades. Musk can also be refilled by spending shiny. It's not used in any other occassions. Musk is technically not a resource.

*Note: Musk was removed from Backyard Monsters as of 7/4/2012


  • It's appearance is similar to Goo.
  • Monsters that are baited through the musk have 75% of total stats.
  • The musk is similar from a gas, Musk will be putted in the wild monster baiter, then the musk will become a green smoke.
  • Although musk is no longer used in the game, it is still used to attract monsters. Its called "Size of attack" now, and will be individual per attack.

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