The Outpost is no longer in the game. However, you may still spot it as an icon for Wild Monster Tribe yards.


This Building cannot be built, but it will be automatically provided when you obtain an outpost in Map Room Level 2. The Outpost acts like a Town Hall, but isn't one. It's the hub of the outpost.

This building gives 4 % of your resources when destroyed, but unlike storage silos, it doesn't inflate as you have more resources or take more damage from the catapult. Also, it's likely that this building makes up most of your outpost's total HP if you don't have high level resource gatherers (it has 200,000 hp). This means that if it is destroyed, your outpost will be much more likely to be taken over. It cannot be upgraded.

For more information on Outposts and Starter Kits visit the page of the Outpost (Yard).

Building Availability


Twig Snapper 3 Pebble Shiner 3 Putty Squisher 6 Goo Factory 3
Level # Level # Level # Level #
LvL 1~10 x4 LvL 1~10 x4 LvL 1~10 x4 LvL 1~10 x4


Housing Hatchery Hatchery Control Center Flinger 2 Catapult 3 Yard Planner Monster Juicer
Level # Level # Level # Level # Level # Level # Level #
LvL 1~6 x1 LvL 1~3 x2 LvL 1 x1 LvL 1~4 x1 LvL 1~4 x1 LvL 1 x1 LvL 1~3 x1


Sniper Tower Cannon Tower Tesla Tower Laser Tower Monster Bunker Railgun Tower Booby Trap Block 1 Heavy Trap Aerial Defense Tower
Level # Level # Level # Level # Level # Level # Level # Level # Level # Level #
LvL 1~10 x4 LvL 1~10 x4 LvL 1~6 x2 LvL 1~6 x2 LvL 1~4 x2 LvL 1~6 x1 LvL 1 x25 LvL 1~5 x100 LvL 1 x5 LvL 1~6 x2

Building Progression

Structure Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Outpost Outpost Damaged Outpost Destroyed


  • The outpost looks like a giant Storage Silo
  • You cannot upgrade an Outpost.
  • It's the first building that does not needed to upgrade after building.

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