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Building Information

Unbuildable Building but will be provided when you take over this. It grants you Defensive bonus when one is taken over around your base.

Outpost Defenders:

  • Six Outpost Defenders surround every Main Yard, Resource Outpost and Stronghold.
  • You can take over an Outpost Defender by attacking and destroying it, there are no take over costs.
  • Conquer Outpost Defenders surrounding Strongholds & Resource Outposts to lower their defenses and secure your hold on them.

Outpost Defender Defensive Buff Stats

  • 1 Defender: 7% damage reduction
  • 2 Defenders: 13% damage reduction
  • 3 Defenders: 23% damage reduction
  • 4 Defenders: 35% damage reduction
  • 5 Defenders: 50% damage reduction
  • 6 Defenders: 75% damage reduction

Building Progression

Structure Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
Player's Outpost Defender 1 Player Outpost Defender 1 Damaged Outpost Defender 1 Destroyed
Neutral Outpost Defender 1 Neutral
Ally Outpost Defender 1 Ally
Nemesis/WMT Outpost Defender 1 Enemy



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