In-game Description

Creates an earthquake that does damage to all monsters in a certain area.

Quake Tower
Land Air
All in Range Unable

Building Information

The Quake Tower is one of the advanced towers obtained in the Inferno world. It is a very powerful Defensive Building that drops a heavy weight, causing a shockwave that damages all land monsters in range. The closer the monster to this building, the higher the damage.

The Quake Tower does not just damage a group of monsters in one spot. It can damage any monster that is near the Quake Tower. This means that it can defend against two big groups of monsters in two different spots. Other Defensive Towers, such as the Cannon Tower, cannot do this, making the Quake Tower a one of a kind defense.

Although the Quake Tower may seem overpowering due to its amazing defending mechanics, it starts out with a terrible range, has very low health points, and is unable to attack air monsters. Upgrading will help migitate the Quake Tower's low range, however.

Overall, the Quake Tower is a solid Defensive Building and will produce ground-shaking results.

Upgrade Progression


Inferno Defensive Buildings cannot be fortified.






Building Time



Resources Recycled Range Damage DPS HP


Hall Level


Bone-icon 312,500 Coal-icon 187,500 Sulfur-icon 125,000


Bone-icon 156,250 Coal-icon 93,750 Sulfur-icon 62,500 160 2933 3


Bone-icon 1,250,000 Coal-icon 750,000 Sulfur-icon 500,000 1d Bone-icon 625,000 Coal-icon 375,000 Sulfur-icon 250,000 170 4480 4
3 Bone-icon 3,750,000 Coal-icon 2,250,000 Sulfur-icon 1,500,000 2d Bone-icon 187,500,000 Coal-icon 1,125,000 Sulfur-icon 750,000 180 5920 4
4 Bone-icon 7,187,500 Coal-icon 4,312,500 Sulfur-icon 2,875,000 3d Bone-icon 3,593,750 Coal-icon 2,156,250 Sulfur-icon 1,437,500 190 7680
5 Bone-icon 12,000,000 Coal-icon 9,000,000 Sulfur-icon 6,000,000 4d 12h Bone-icon 12,250,000 Coal-icon 8,250,000 Sulfur-icon 5,500,000 200 9706
6 Bone-icon 16,500,000 Coal-icon 12,687,500 Sulfur-icon 7,562,500 5d 12h Bone-icon 20,500,000 Coal-icon 14,593,750 Sulfur-icon 9,281,250 210 11733

Building Progression

Quake Tower


  • When attacking, it has the same sound of Korath's fists of doom.

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