The Design

The Sandwich base design utilizes two thick walls of Blocks that are parallel to each other to protect the Town Hall . These walls are usually 4 Blocks thick, and are usually upgraded for maximum effectiveness.

Stronger versions of this design will use Eye-ra bait to keep Eye-ra from destroying the thick walls.
Sandwich Base

The Straight-Mine version of the Sandwich Base.

How it Works

The walls are made so that monsters that try to attack through them will instead move to the openings, where there are often many Booby Traps. This way, the Defensive Towers can focus on protecting just two sides of the base.



This design has a straight line of Booby Traps, all leading into the Town Hall, to destroy a looting wave.

Silo-Death Trap

This design attempts to incorporate a SDT between the two walls. Often, the SDT is not very effective, because of the lack of space.

Pros and Cons


  • Defensive Towers can focus on protecting two points in the base.
  • Somewhat high Concentrated Firepower.


  • Weak against Eye-ra if there is no Eye-ra bait.
  • Almost always weak against Valgos.
  • Some variations may be weak against the Catapult.

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