Slimeattikus Animation


Slimeattikus is a monster with splitting capabilities. When it dies, Slimeattikus splits into two smaller forms of itself , each with half HP and attack. This unique ability makes Slimeattikus very useful against single-target towers such as the Sniper Tower. The tower will only be able to focus one monster at a time, so when Slimeattikus splits, the tower will have some trouble defending.

Slimeattikus also has high attack damage, making it useful for taking down buildings. The moment Slimeattikus splits, the attack damage will actually split in half between the spawned monsters, allowing them to attack two buildings at once with their lowered ,but still useful, attack power.Slimeattikus other abilitiy is Acid , it can easily damage a building . It is much like Fang's Venom .


When defending, Slimeattikus's ability to split is useful in the bunker. Most monsters can only target one thing at a time, and when Slimeattikus splits, the power of numbers may come in. There may be so many Slimeattikus that the enemy's army can be overwhelmed. In certain Yards that focus on delaying rather than exterminating the enemy, Slimeattikus is a valuable asset, as they can stall an enemy advance, and it takes a while before they all die out!

In terms of statistics, Slimeattikus has below average health and low speed, but very high attack damage.

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