Unreleased Monsters

There is no known Unreleased Monster at the moment. Please check again when KIXEYE releases an event involved with this type of unreleased content.

Unreleased Monster Abilities

This is a list of unreleased abilities for existing Monsters. Currently, there are 2 unreleased abilities found.

Uknown Ability (Krallen)

Main Article:Krallen

Krallen 3 Animation
This is unknown whether it will even be an ability or not. The supposed ability changes Krallen's appearance, giving the Champion a more spiky appearance into it.

It is unknown what this ability does other than the asthetic change, and whether it will be released/obtainable in the future.

Fission (Octo-ooze)

Main Article:Octo-ooze/Main Article:Monster Lab

Octo-ooze Lab
The ability was supposedly for Octo-ooze. It was supposed to be unlocked for the Monster Lab. However, the ability was scrapped for unknown reason.

The ability allows Octo-ooze to split into more Octo-oozes once the Octo-ooze dies. It is unknown whether the stats will be changed during the split.

The ability was later reworked for the Monster Slimeattikus, wherein you do not need to unlock it in the Monster Lab in order to obtain it.

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