Valgos Animation


This monster is very good for clearing Eye-ra bait, as Eye-ra baits are usually unprotected. They are also very good against yards with no walls because of their high damage. Sometimes while Valgos is digging, towers attack it, but Valgos takes no damage. Ironically, Quake Towers can't damage it when Valgos is digging. Valgos is like a repeating eye-ra, though it does not do as much damage and doesn't explode its very good for clearing out walls. you want to have more than 1 to clear out a wall though.


Valgos have very high damage, allowing them to kill any monster in a matter of seconds. The only drawback is that it takes a significant amount of Magma to produce.The best way to defend is to place Valgos in the Monster bunker without some Monsters,you must need level 4 bunkers so you can now easily defend your yard.But if it was use in bunkers,it can kill one wormzer,but warn that D.A.V.E.S and more monsters like Pokies can kill a level 1 Valgos or higher. Also, it is one of the 4 best inferno monsters for defending. The other 3 are King Wormzer , Grokus and Balthazar.

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