DrullkusOrange660A successful wiki doesn't grow without some guidance, and this wiki is guided by various administrators. All administrators are contactable through there talk page and are happy to answer any questions related to the Backyard Monsters Wiki.

Wiki Bureaucrats

DarkusAlpha [User Page - Talk Page]

"Mr. Everything"

Wiki Admins

Teratorn43906 [User Page - Talk Page]

"The Wikia Security Guard, The Change Logger and The Table Editor/Fixer"

World War 3 [User Page - Talk Page]

"Multipurpose Machine"

Inactive Wiki Bureaucrats

Trirarchie [User Page - Talk Page]

"The Founder and The Head Master"

Facebook Agent 007 [User Page - Talk Page]

"The Layout Master and The Editor"
Temporarily Active

Inactive Wiki Admins

Leohuangchunwang [User Page - Talk Page]

"Free Admin"

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