Wormzer Animation

Brief Overview

Wormzer is a very powerful Monster to use. It is as dangerous as high-flying Teratorn. Although both of these Monsters easily avoid Blocks, Wormzer, if you have already unlocked its ability, will be able to cause damage all around it, after it pops out of its burrow. This is what makes it a favorite among many, its Splash Damage ability.

Read this guide to see how Wormzer is used, and how effective it really is.


Wormzer is alright the first time you unlock it. It is useful for attacking Kozu bases. However, once you have unlocked its ability, this is when Wormzer starts to be really good. Not only does it avoid any pathing, if it has the ability, it could RUIN it. Very useful once you use a seperate looting wave.

Using Wormzer

Wormzer is best used with its ability, like mentioned before. The ability should be unlocked early, if you plan to use this Monster. It is best used to attack Pathing-Reliant Bases, because its ability will ruin it, giving safety for your other Monsters if you plan to fling them.

Wormzer is pure beast when you use 10 Million Putty along with it. The infamous Wormzer Bomb, more likely known as the Wormzer's Earthquake, can easily destroy many bases and render their pathing useless. This technique is often the solution for destroying Pathing-Reliant Bases.

Flinging Wormzers along with Zafreetis is not really a good idea, due to the fact that Wormzers are incredibly fast when burrowing, and Zafreetis are incredibly slow.

Warning: Do not do a Wormzer's Earthquake nor fling more than 20 Wormzers if your Computer is laggy. You can only do this if your Computer can do 90FPS.


Wormzer is very useful in defending, once paired up with Eye-ra. Eye-ra is slower than Wormzer. That means if the attacker plans to Bait your Eye-ras by using weak Monsters, Wormzer will head to those bait Monsters quickly and kill them before the Eye-ra reaches it. If the Wormzer has the ability along with it, it will be really good for defending.

Its Splash Damage, once Level 3, can kill Level 6 Pokeys, Octo-oozes, Bolts, Finks, Eye-ras, Banditos, Fangs and Brains, and that's just the Splash. And that Splash can hit a whole group of Monsters, making Wormzer particularly dangerous against groups of low-health Monsters.


Wormzer is an incredibly good to use Monster. Although most people tend to use Teratorn more, Wormzer has never been useless in one's army. It is good in both roles of Attacking and Defending, and it is a Monster that will produce ground-shaking results.

However, Wormzers have another type of species, something far more powerful than the average Wormzer.

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