Zagnoid Animation


Zagnoid is just like a buffed Octo-ooze, with the life of an Ichi because it has more damage and more health. When using him against towers like the Blast Tower, fling 1 Zagnoid in near the tower, followed by a larger group, the Blast Tower will target the first zagnoid, while the others destroy the tower. They have a x2 damage bonus when attacking defensive towers.

When attacking a Quake Tower, fling a large group of Zagnoids as close as you can from the tower, so they can destroy it before it makes 2 earthquakes, which are enough to kill all your Zagnoids.

Zagnoids are better in large groups, and can be very effective when combined with Spurtz.


Zagnoids like the Spurtz and will only attack if together. So this is a good defensive monster. However, they can be very vulnerable to King Wormzer's splash damage, Sabnox, Grokus and Balthazars.

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